Thursday, January 23, 2020

Saw Blades for Box Joint Jig, 1/8" and 3mm

Many box joint jigs require a flat top blade that is 1/8". Here’s a list of blades with a 1/8″ kerf and a flat grind. I recommend you double check the kerf size and grind before buying a blade, don’t take my word on it. I do my best to verify info but mistakes happen. Does not include blades from dado sets.

1/8 Inch (.125″ or .126") Saw Blades for Box Joint Jigs

– some WWII have a flat top grind and some don’t, make sure you are getting the #1 grind (flat).
Forrest WW10401125, 40T, .125″

201.024.10 Industrial Ripping Saw Blade, 24T, .126″

610200 Ripping Blade, 20T, .126″
RB1020C Electro-Blu™ Carbide Tipped Euro Rip, 20T, .126″

RF1024126 Ripping Blade 24T, .126″

Freud Blades
LM72M010 Heavy Duty Rip Blade, 10" x 24T, .126″

Ridge Carbide
TS2000 Full Kerf Rip Super Blade, 24T, 1/8″


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