Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shop Remodel #2 - Nails are tougher than they look, removing bench #2

Time for more ripping and tearing.

In the upper right of most photos you can make out my black Sony boombox (I think it’s a Sony). Once upon a time I had 3 exactly the same, all scavenged from different places around the same time and cost me nothing. This one is the only one that survives.

If you’re wondering where I put all that crap, stick around.

On the shelves above the workbench are finishing supplies, glues, and fasteners. And yes, I use all of it so it has to stay put or find a new home.

Just to the left in each picture, hangs my blue denim shop apron made for me by my (then) 9 year old daughter. It hangs off a Prairie crank grinder that I will talk more about in a future post.

At this point the screws were out and I was down to nails. Whoever built this bench (previous owner) did not want it removed. It was nailed in with a combination of 16p and ringshank nails. Ringshank nails are awesome for holding things together, so awesome they should be never be allowed near 14 year old boys.

Eventually I gave up prying and busted out the Sawzall. After bouncing on the bench a few times it popped free.

About all that crap that came off the bench—- uh, it’s atop and around my tablesaw. So it will have to be moved so I can patch the floor and build some cabinets. But that’s tomorrow guy’s problem.