Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shop Remodel #1 - New home for my lathe + useless trivia!

Not a very glamorous project but I took pics for my own benefit so here they are. I've been wanting to rip out this workbench to make room for my lathe.

Fun trivia: That paper tacked to the wall under the hammer is a plan I drew for a set of tables made in 1999, it’s been there since. Shop art!

Trivia: the plastic bag hanging askew left of the auger bits has been there about 16 years. It’s a clear mounting plate for a router table. I built a router table without using it.

The towel holder was my first ‘shop project’. The sides were shaped using a template originally made for a Halloween napkin holder.

That giant hunk of brass and rosewood is a bad ass marking gauge made by Hammerthumb on LumberJocks.

The window has no glass but is covered with 10 mil clear laminate. It was meant to be temporary but worked so well I left it. It has been there almost 17 years. The wire was already there when I moved in.

The shop was built by two 14 year old boys, back in the 70’s, from lumber and materials scavenged during the building of the neighborhood. What they lacked in carpentry skills they made up for in ring shank nails. They used one about every 4 inches. To their credit, the building still stands and the roof doesn’t leak.

The concrete block ballast is replaced with a big wood box scavenged from somewhere that happens to fit perfectly. I will turn it on it's side and make drawers to hold all my lathe crap.

Next I need to rip out the other workbench but first I have to find a home for all the crap on, under, and around it.