Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Viking Chest: Part 1, prototype in pine.

In 1936 a Swedish farmer's plow became tangled in the chain attached to a 1,000 year old Viking chest filled with metal and woodworking tools. The chest was built from oak with an iron lock and hinges. Since then, many folks have become fascinated with the Mastermyr chest and it's contents.

My version will also be oak but some pine boards found on the roadside will serve for a practice version.

Upside down close up of the bottom showing the bottom fitting into dadoes and grooves. The original Viking chest used dadoes on the ends and a rabbet down the sides.

The oak version will have angled sides but I just made straight sides on the pine chest. Here you can see the end pieces.

 The top is on the right.

A dry assembly test fit. Looks good to go.

Part 2 will be wood hinges, assembly and finishing.