Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shop made chip carving knife with mahogany handle

Using a french curve I drew this pattern on 1/4" hardboard. 
Cut out and sanded the edges smooth.

The blade is a Dewalt reciprocating saw blade. I removed the yellow paint and cut the shape with a Dremel and cut-off wheel. The funky shape is partly because I had cut a piece off for a marking knife and partly so it would be secure inside the mahogany handle.


I carved a mortise out for the blade and secured with epoxy. 
You can see the handle shape traced on the mahogany blanks.

Excess wood was removed with a combination of saws, chisels, and sanding machines.

Handle finish is blonde shellac then buffed with 0000 steel wool and wax.

Blade was polished to 2000 grit using automotive sandpaper. Edge was ground by hand then sharpened with a diamond file and sandpaper.