Thursday, March 20, 2014

Favorite Woodturning Youtube channels

Tim Yoder makes turning videos for Popular Woodworking and they don't make them easy to find. Best bet is search YouTube for "Popular Woodworking Tim Yoder".

Cap'n Eddie Castelin tends to produce long, chatty, videos with a strong emphasis on teaching. Cap passes along a lifetime of tips, tricks, money saving ideas, tool how-to, skill building, finishing lessons and much more. He also runs a web store with sharpening aids, tool kits, carbide cutters, plans, all at very reasonable prices. Makin' Shavin's is his monthly newsletter.

Brenden Stemp is a highly skilled turner whose videos cover a range of subjects from wood selection, tool reviews, quick video tips and projects.

Mike Waldt shows turning tips, projects, and has a beginner series.

Robo Hippy covers many subjects you won't see anywhere else.

Gord Rock

Channels with more emphasis on projects:

Jake Gevorgian shows incredible control and skill with a skew, not really a how-to channel but entertaining none-the-less.

Carl Jacobson has 2 channels, one focused on answering questions while the other showcases projects.

Robbie the Woodturner demonstrates unique projects with many tips and tricks along the way.

Alan Stratton spins many unique and interesting turnings.

Miguel Sanchez has a good channel.
Update: Miguel has started doing videos in English!

Beginner Series

The series continues. I won't list them all but they are sequentially numbered.