Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Drawer front with inlay and chest of drawers to fund Wounded Warrior Project

Our local woodworking club, North Carolina Wood Workers, participates in the Wounded Warrior Project which helps service men and women readjust to life after the military. The club built a chest of drawers with each drawer front contributed by a member. The chest will be auctioned and the proceeds will fund the training program.

My drawer front was made from walnut, 
American holly, padauk, and copper.

Step one was shaping and gluing the dulcimer inlay.

Next I flattened the walnut drawer face using a hand plane.

Using a knife I traced the dulcimer shape and removed material using a Forstner bit and chisel.

Sometimes I forget to take pictures so we fast forward a bit. Below is the musical note pull I originally planned but it was too big and detracted from the inlay so I started work on something more elegant.

Holly and padauk glued and being cut to size for turning on the lathe. Shown is a handy feature of my Delta Unifence which can be rotated for a short fence.

Oops, forgot to take in progress pics again but here is the finished drawer front.