Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Building the Perfect Tool Chest by Jim Stack [book review]

Building the Perfect Tool Chest by Jim Stack

Let me start by saying I love this book. I first checked it out of our
local library and after renewing it three times I decided I should own it. In a nutshell it is fifteen tool box plans. Not the fancy shmancy quilted mahogany with ivory inlay type of boxes, or the kind where the tools are stacked so densely you have to move forty to get the one you want, or the faddish type that are all the rage in magazines, but the kind of tool holders that most of us regular types would use day to day.

As can be seen in the table of contents which is shown below, there is considerable variety from a simple box with lid, large tool chests, chest of drawers, a hanging cabinet, and even a box for fisherman. For each tool box there is a detailed materials list in both inches and metric, lots of photos and illustrations, and helpful tips on joinery and assembly. Many of the boxes are built with plywood or pine but you can substitute any material. Joinery varies a bit from box to box.

There are fifteen projects and fifteen sections or chapters, plus a short introduction, a list of suppliers, and an index. This book assumes you have the basic knowledge and skills to complete the projects. It is not a first project type of book and I really appreciate that approach. So many times I've been disappointed because a book has a couple nice projects on the cover but half the book is how to use a screwdriver and where to buy router bits. This book is fluff free and in my opinion all the tool boxes look useful and are logically constructed.

If you wish to buy Building the Perfect Tool Chest, you can click the cover picture above to find it on Amazon.

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